Case Study: Academy of Science, Engineering & Medicine of Florida (University of Central Florida)

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Academy of Science, Engineering & Medicine of Florida (University of Central Florida) Web Design
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Developing a multi-level online voting system to induct new members to ASEMFL

ASEMFL provides unbiased, expert advice on important issues to Florida. Alongside Primo Branding we designed, developed and deployed a brand new website with an online voting system for inducting new members.

Behind the Scenes

In early 2019 the University of Central Florida (UCF) approached myself and Primo Branding to design, develop, and launch the brand new ASEMFL website. We built-out the project in two phases, one for the initial launch of a well-designed website, and one for the development of the member account system - featuring at it's center a custom and intricate voting system by which members could nominate, vote on, and induct people into the Academy.

As the two phases served two different purposes, we had to be careful when choosing the platform of choice to build upon. With the design locked in, we opted to go for a WordPress installation for the core website, with a CodeIgniter account management system - with a bit of integration between the two to allow the voting system to be completely controlled (at the administrative level) via WordPress. This gave us the ease-of-use of WordPress when it came to managing content, but the in-depth flexibility and MVC software architecture of CodeIgniter when it came to building out the complex voting logic.

  • Michael Georgiopoulos
    “Thank you Simon, this has really come together well - and we're excited to get it in the hands of members. We appreciate your attention to detail on all of this - it's really looking good.”
    Michael Georgiopoulos
    Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UCF

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