Case Study: Banz Capital Blockchain Hedge Fund

Custom Website Design

Banz Capital Blockchain Hedge Fund Web Design
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Building a simple, clean website to promote a new digital asset based hedge fund

Banz is a digital asset based hedge fund that focuses on quantitative trading, arbitrage, and ICO projects. Their biggest challenge was in taking the complexity of what they do and simplifying it on a new website.

Behind the Scenes

Banz focuses on alternative methodologies and what are believed to be emerging strategies via algorithms, quantitative analysis, and research of new DLT projects - but when it came to their website, they wanted to communicate these otherwise complex processes as simply as possible.

The proposition was actually quite unique - they liked our website (Marchant Web) and wanted to replicate it, but with their own branding and content. Considering we are very familiar with building our own website, it wasn't much work to get theirs up and running once we had the copy from them. Besides content, they wanted to give a modern and dark spin on typical Wall Street hedge fund websites, with a popping bright blue for highlights and iconic New York city imagery to represent who they are and serve.

The website was built in HTML5 / CSS3 and delivered on an AWS EC2 instance for review. Most of the website is static (no CMS needed), with minor front-end scripting such as a slider on the homepage that compares traditional hedge funds with digital asset growth in the previous year - to show just how fruitful modern investing can be when done right.

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