Case Study: Moon over the MLB 2018 All-Star Game

User Interface Development

Moon over the MLB 2018 All-Star Game Web Design

Developing real-time control of a powered art installation over the MLB 2018 All-Star Game

We built and deployed a user login system for JBG Smith to control a large LED moon fixture hanging on a crane using any mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

Behind the Scenes

Custom Prop Shop, LLC. in Los Angeles fabricates custom commissions for clients, and was hired by JBG Smith to hang a 250-pound, 10' tall moon from a construction crane outside of Washington Nationals Park as a promotional element for the MLB 2018 All-Star Game.

We partnered with Custom Prop Shop, LLC. to help them setup the user interface to control the moon lights, changing the color and pattern using a dedicated website via mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

During the game, we assigned 20-minute slots with unique access codes to allow people to login and control the moon in real-time. These access codes and all lighting cue commands to the moon were secured via a tokenization process, over a secure VPN to a CueServer placed on the crane near the LED unit.

It was quite a spectacle to see, recognized by the Washington Business Journal and other news stations alike, with JBG Smith challenging players to #HitItToTheMoon. We look forward to continuing to improve upon the installation and see it light up the skyline over other Nationals games this season.

  • Sean Burke
    “Looks brilliant to me!! Very well done. Everyone is very pleased and excited. You’ve done great work.”
    Sean Burke
    Custom Prop Shop, LLC.

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