Case Study: Red Arcade

API-Driven WordPress Website Development

Red Arcade Web Design

Building an API-driven Wordpress website for a YouTube channel with 3.6M subscribers

Red Arcade creates high quality gaming compilations, with over 1.1+ billion video views. Together we built a custom web architecture to make submitting clips easy, and to show off their impressive channel statistics in a creative way.

Behind the Scenes

Red Arcade runs a very popular YouTube gaming channel, with a high volume of video clip submissions daily for their montage based videos through their website - but their old website wasn't cutting it. That's where I stepped in, and we worked together to build out a beautiful new website that could not only represent their brand in the best light, but also make the clip submission process both streamlined and flexible down the road.

On the front-end the website features a custom-developed WordPress theme with some fun design elements, such as a parallax effect on the hero where a game character parachutes into the website. We worked to put together a clean and modern statistics section, along with custom FAQs and a latest videos slider. The submission form features a Vue.JS implementation for multi-step interactivity.

On the back-end, the real fun came in with connecting all of the data. Every clip submission gets sent automatically to both an Airtable account, along with a MySQL database for storage. YouTube statistics are pulled in using an efficient API key and OAuth method - that allows for one-click syncing of a massive amount of YouTube Analytics data for visualization, in a completely secure "read-only" manner, to keep their YouTube channel locked down in case of a compromise.

The end result is a completely editable, flexible website that looks, feels and performs like a custom website whilst being built on top of the WordPress CMS framework, and delivering a TON of statistical data in real-time.

  • Olaf
    “Everything looks great and very simple to manage, amazing work! This is perfect.”
    Red Arcade

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