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Image allows developers to monitor daily changes to any MySQL table.

MySQL has 10 million active installations worldwide, with more than 50,000 daily downloads. is a free service that keeps track of any value in MySQL daily - creating beautiful, intuitive charts over time.

Behind the Scenes was built as an internal tool, and then later released as a free SaaS platform for full-stack web developers and MySQL database administrators. The concept was to create a user-friendly method by which to keep track of a value (any value) in a MySQL database over time. We wanted to monitor our client website accounts, to see and show them how they’re growing – in terms of number of users, average product sales, etc.

The service itself is built upon a scalable AWS architecture using the latest version of CodeIgniter, and ChartJS for drawing the charts. We implemented enterprise-grade security - as we knew we’d be hosting sensitive database credentials on the platform – and we wanted to ensure that user data was kept out of the wrong hands., despite being clean, simple and intuitive, provides several flexible and powerful customization options such as colors, timezones, date ranges, database grouping and more. Every free account supports up to 25 metrics tracked hourly, with up to 12 months of data history.

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